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Halloween Cake Decorating Winner!

A few years back, our school did a fall festival with a Halloween themed cake decorating contest and this cake won the scariest cake award.  It was also chosen first for the cake walk after the judging.  The kids loved it!

I saw this picture in Martha Stewart Living magazine, but instead of putting the fingers in crushed oreos, I made a simple round chocolate frosted tier cake and placed the fingers on top with toothpicks.


Back to School Project – My friend’s daughter recently ran for student council and was super creative on her marketing!avery

In case you have a hard time reading the sign:

Be Smarties!

100% Bright Ideas

Vote For Avery

A – Very Creative Person





Valentines Box

My youngest daughter and I had some serious fun decorating her Valentine’s box. Believe it or not,Valentine's Box every single item on this came from” household” type of stuff – packing peanuts (same type just arranged differently to give it a unique texture per layer), tissue paper, hat box, plastic pale with handles cut off, smaller round box from earmuffs and a small coffee can was the very top layer.


School Project Student Council Campaign
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School Project Student Council Campaign
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