Red Beans & Rice with Chorizo

Red Beans and Rice with Chorizo


No matter how many people you need to feed, this recipe is simple, very inexpensive and will please the masses. You can adjust how much you make by looking at the rice and / or beans label and calculate needed serving size per person.  Warning- you may want to make extra…my kids fight over the leftovers.


1 bag dried red kidney beans

short or long grain rice


chicken or beef stock (I prefer beef)

3 or 4 Bay leaves

3 or 4 gloves garlic (smashed and diced)

chorizo (cured version at World Market or uncured at Whole Foods)

Fresh Parsley

Directions:  Soak beans overnight or the quick soak method (directions on bag), after soaking rinse and fill pot about 2 inches over beans, chop the onion in four parts (quarter) and add to pot, with the garlic, bay leaf, chick stock or beef stock (this is what ever you prefer and the bullion cubes or powder can be used, too).  If you are using liquid, add 3 or 4 cups less water or if you are using cubes, keep with the 2 inches over beans level.  Boil on medium low for several hours, until the liquid cooks down and but not too long so the beans burn to bottom of pan.  I prefer the beans have some juice for when you top the rice.  Add water as necessary.  When you are getting close to meal time, cook your rice, place on platter, top with beans then chop chorizo and spread over the beans with parsley on the very top.

*Serve with your favorite hot sauce and a nice chopped salad, and crusty bread.

Note:  I have also made this for my aunt Amy, who is vegan, by omitting the chorizo, and replacing the stock with vegan stock.  She loved it.

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Red Beans & Rice with Chorizo
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