Zesteez Mint Cilantro Chutney



Join the chutney revolution with this zesty and easy-to-use “Zesteez” Mint Cilantro Chutney!  

Inspired by South Indian traditions, this delectable chutney features spearmint, cilantro, a hint of coconut, Jalapeño pepper, ginger root, and a blend of spices. Gluten Free, Cholesterol Free, Vegan & Low Sodium.

 Product Description

  • Our newest flavor is an innovative and delectable chutney featuring spearmint, cilantro, a hint of coconut, Jalapeño pepper, ginger root, and a blend of spices. FREE recipe included.
  • Our Mango Tango Chutney is packaged in a meticulously crafted glass jar, ensuring the freshest flavors for your use. Real chunks of tomato create a satisfying texture and deliciously chunky consistency. Enjoy the familiar tomato taste, but with a new, zesty bite!
  • Zesteez chutneys bring a unique flavor into your home, inspired by traditions of South Indian cuisine. Zesteez’ innovative take on the complex Indian spice profile makes our chutneys easy to incorporate into your everyday cooking. The Mango Tango Chutney is vegan, gluten-free, and low sodium, so most anyone can enjoy this savory addition to their culinary repertoire!
  • Mango Tango Chutney is extremely versatile; use it to flavor your meats and veggies, dress up your sandwiches, tacos, or salads, or just use as a simple dip or salsa alternative. The possibilities are endless; refer to our website for more creative recipes and ideas to infuse Zesteez into easy-to-prepare snacks and meals!
  • GLUTEN FREE, CHOLESTEROL FREE, VEGAN, LOW SODIUM: Zesteez’ commitment to keeping our products healthy and simple include using locally sourced ingredients and making our chutneys in small batches in California. No artificial colorings or preservatives used; be sure to keep chutneys refrigerated after opening.
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