Here is an easy way to update your old cabinets and furniture oIMG_20151223_232857n a budget.  I did my master bathroom, spare bathroom, laundry room cabinets and shelves, as well as furniture.

Laundry Room – The chalk paint was used for the shelves and the cabinets.  Cool baskets and a roll of burlap twine adds to the organization and decor.



Bathrooms – The chalk paint really holds up well, this picture was taken recently, about a year after I painted them – no touch up needed.












Smaller bathroom cabinet – notice the addition of knobs really help add a little character to ugly white standard home builder cabinets.  It’s supper easy, all you need is a drill and a drill bit the same size as your knobs.  I have found most of the knobs in these pics at Tuesday Morning and TJ Max/Home Goods.



I just recently painted some shelves for my office – it’s really amazing how nice the paint looks with out sanding off the original finish.  These had been a treated wood (stained and sealed) prior to the chalk paint.










When we were in Montana this summer, we collected a few pieces of barn wood to make the frames below.  Very simple project and the only cost was the brackets(connecting the corners on the back side) – less than $5.





Check out a few decor ideas I have put together recently…

Using letters without going big metal modern…




Check out the zebra I added to my bathroom decor.