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I am always on the look out for quality products that are eco friendly but also affordable.

Like shampoo bars….Wow!  love these.  I’ve tried a few different brands and I would have to say my favorite is from LUSH but I have also found other great options at Central Market (JR Liggett’s) and on Amazon (Ethique).


Think of all the plastic bottles you won’t use by switching over!!! I’ve ditched my bottled body wash for bars of soap, too.


Let’s talk shopping~  Are you using reuseable bags?  I hope so!  Consider a beautiful hand woven African basket or a Bohemian market bag for additional style and durability.  I bought the colorful African basket at Market Street, but there’s a good selection on Amazon that cost around $40.  I found the Bohemian Market basket www.thelittlemarket.com for about $70.  These baskets are quality and will last a lifetime.

African woven basket


Take it one step further by bringing your own produce bags with the weight of the bag stitched on it.  The set below is from www.simplyecology.com and costs $25.

I have also traded plastic wrap for bees wrap….a celephane alternative.  I found a 3 pack at Central Market for $19, but you can also order on Amazon.


I typically try and avoid straws all together, but my kids usually want one, so I carry a family set of bamboo straws in my pursue.  It comes in a pouch and they are dish washer safe.   You can get these on Amazon or a variety of green minded websites.  Or consider switching to bamboo utensils for an alternative to one-use plastic utensils.

Reuseable Straws

Bamboo Cutlery






Interested in finding other ways to live more sustainably? 

Here’s a list of some of my favorite online resources:







New products for the Eco Minded
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New products for the Eco Minded
I am always on the look out for quality products that are eco friendly but also affordable. Check out my favorite new products I've added and I'm loving.
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