Meet Fluffy

3 months later and Fluffy has really changed….


Fluffy is energetic to the extreme so she needed a really big cat tower.  My husband and daughters worked hard to make her the perfect home.

dsc_0147 dsc_0148 dsc_0146


Materials used:  wood to make the frame, burlap twine to wrap each support and the ladder (good for climbing) and wrapped the lounge areas with extra soft felt.


Meet Fluffy the newest addition to our family.  Fluffy is 6 weeks old and absolutely adorable.  The entire family has really enjoyed snuggling with this little cutey!  She had to have a very good flea bath when we got her, but just a few days has passed and she is fitting in nicely.


The kids have even gotten into making Fluffy some toys.  In this first picture, my daughter taped together two straws, then added feathers onto each end – this is Fluffy’s favorite.


In the next one, it’s a piece of felt made into a ring, with additional felt tabs tied to it – Fluffy is attracted by the bright colors.


This next picture is a little hard to see, but it’s basically a ball made out of cardboard strips.  Fluffy likes it because it really flies when batted around.


My daughter even made Fluffy a cat tent, she found a how to video on you tube.  The only items you need are two wire hangers, a t-shirt (kids sizes work best) and a peace of cardboard for the base.  She added some doll bedding to make it extra special.


We will post pics of Fluffy as she grows and other projects that are in the works to make her feel super at home!