Hanging Vase

magnolia market find

I originally found this hanging vase at Magnolia Market in Waco.  I have made my own version in several different varieties, including a hanging herb garden.  I mentioned in our wedding post that we gave these as our wedding favors filled with blooms.

wedding favors


Here’s how we did it:

1.)  Choose your materials

hanging herb garden
  •  Small or large mason jars
  • Metal comes in galvanized steel hanger strap or copper plated steel hanger strap (plumbing section of home depot)
  • Optional metal plate for label
  • How large /thick your board will be

2.)  (Optional)  Use blow torch to create the worn/burnt edges for the boards.

3.)  Attach galvanized steel hanger around jar with enough at either side to attach screws and anchor jar securely on the board.

  • If you are attempting the hanging herb garden, leave areas of metal that loop out, in order to hang herbs to dry.
  • Notice we added another piece of metal securing the jars for the herb garden.  This allows for the jars to be completely removed from the base for easy clean up and storage.
  • I added boxes painted with black chalk board paint for labels.  Note-do not attempt with regular chalk paint, I tried that first and it is very hard to write on…

4.)  Use a drill to make holes in the top of the board.  Add wire, leather, or burlap as a strap to hang your vase.

5.)  Add optional metal plate.

*You would be surprised at the many things in your yard that will look really cool in your vase.  Example-During the holidays, I trimmed a few small branches off my holly shrub and they still look great, over a month later.  My go to for in the kitchen is always rosemary, it smells great, I use it often, and it’s pretty.


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