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It can be challenging to go green, while living in the "burbs" raising children.  There's the plastic retail bags,  straws & water bottles, disposable diapers, individually wrapped drinks and snacks, and endless need for rarely worn T-shirts (school/church/sports/events/clubs...).  Not to mention, the elimination of school buses or lack of public transportation and no efficient recycling program.

So what can we do about it?

Use reusable bags, bamboo straws, tuperware containers vs. to go boxes, compost, install rain barrels, hang your clothes to dry, eat more veggies and less red meat, car pool or ride your bike, use reusable coffee cups and water bottles...for starters!

Below you will find my blogs/ ideas on being kinder to mother earth.


DIY Ottoman made from an Old Tire

This is my favorite kind of DIY project, cheap, easy and environmentally friendly!  After updating my bathroom and closet, I …
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Upcycled Light Fixtures to Holiday Decor

When I painted my main room and entry way earlier this year, I was undecided on what to do with …
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Christmas Mantle 2019

It’s beginning to look a little like Christmas around here.  No tree yet, but my Christmas Mantle 2019 is finished.  …
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Green Holiday decor

Holiday Yard Decor

Holiday yards can get a little crazy with plastic deer, giant inflatables and cartoon figurines.  This year I went all …
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Pineappple plant

Garden for Free Part III – Pineapple

I am so excited to finally show you all my pineapple plant!  I might be a plant nerd, but a …
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Garden for Free Part II – Papaya

Consider growing papaya right in your back yard and spend nothing more than the cost of a single fruit.  In …
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Finished Mantel of Repainted/repurposed items

It’s national Recycling day-reuse and recycle for your next decor project

In honor of national recycling day, I thought I would share a quick update to my living room decor using …
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Boost your wardrobe and be DONE with fast fashion

Fast fashion is apparel that is made quickly and cheaply, causing a global epidemic of pollution and waste. The multi-trillion …
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Finished Detergent

Green Laundry – make your own detergent

It’s Friday (a plastic free Friday..hopefully) and I’m cutting one more plastic container from my home, the laundry detergent jug.  …
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canned slaw

Cabbage harvest & canning spicy slaw

I was successful in growing 5 beautiful heads of cabbage this year.  But after a squirrel ate one of them, …
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shop plastic free

Plastic Free Friday

Plastic free Fridays, an environmental movement similar to Meatless Mondays, encourages people to live plastic free for one day a …
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Pumpkin seedlings

Garden for free

Seriously… spend nothing on this year’s garden and grow the veggies you eat every day.  I used to spend as …
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hat lady

All natural DIY skin care with chia seed oil

Don’t cover that dry winter skin, try a home remedy using chia seed oil. I’ve moved to 100% natural skin …
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Fun ways to use up those leftovers!

Happy New Year!  I hope you are all enjoying your family and friends and some relaxing time together.  With the …
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Flawless Chaos featured on Hubba

Flawless Chaos was featured in a Hubba success story!  Perhaps you are not familiar with Hubba, a B2B networking site …
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Functional Christmas decor for a kitchen pot rack

Decorating for Christmas can become a little mundane when you put up the same decorations year after year.  I wanted …
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Don’t toss those pumpkins away!

I have a soft spot for all things pumpkin. I love them for fall decor, but most of all I …
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Green garden madness – Basil pea edamame soup and Kale hatch chili sauce

My garden is loving the cooler days now that it’s fall!  Kale, swiss chard, cabbage, tomatoes and all my herbs …
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Veggies in basket

Never buy veggie stock again! Taking composting one step further….

Back when I was eating & cooking chicken, I would roast whole chickens at least once a month and usually …
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flowers herbs oils candles

Going natural with Farm to Tub products

We’ve all heard of farm to table trends, but have you considered trying farm to tub?  Healthy eating and caring …
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Earth love

Conservation at the Consumer Level – Part I

Living a more mindful life has everything to do with conservation at the consumer level.  In my journey to simplify …
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The Flawless Chaos Shop is NOW OPEN!

For anyone who’s checked out my shop tab, you probably noticed that it’s been “coming soon” for awhile now.  I …
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Save the cypress groves by supporting your local arborist

What can you do to reduce waste, save money and potentially even help with reducing the destruction caused by hurricanes? …
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Traveling Austria 2017- Leading the way in clean living and sustainability

We are back from Europe after two weeks of adventure, laughs, relaxation, and revived perspective.  The food was outstanding and the …
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Floating bedside tables made from old pallets

Using old pallets on DIY projects has gotten popular, but I hadn’t tried it.   When our new flooring was …
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What I’ve learned in my first year of my composting and how it’s a game changer in the garden

What have I learned in my first year of composting?  That I am lazy…:)  While the budget friendly composting bins …
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The Easter Lily – great as a gift AND to plant for blooms year after year!

Easter has come and gone, but my lilies are in full bloom.  I love them for their giant blossoms and …
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Spring Planting and the addition of Rain Barrels

Spring has arrived in Texas and my flowers and garden are going crazy.  I have high hopes this year, with …
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Meatless Mondays – try it and you will find yourself eating meatless more than just Mondays…

Taking part in meatless mondays is a great way to eat lighter, go “greener”, and even save money.  Basically, it’s …
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Handmade Stockings from recycled material

This year it was time for a change of style for our family stockings. I had saved the burlap gold flecked …
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Composting 101

I attended a composting workshop a few weeks ago and learned the basics of creating your own compost bin, what …
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