Green Living

Green heartI am committed to living a more sustainable life, from what I choose to wear, what I choose to buy and especially what I choose to eat.  We can all find ways to reduce waste, in this section I explore this topic and offer up new ideas to this ever growing problem.  Let's all work together to protect our planet.

Finished Detergent

Green Laundry – make your own detergent

It’s Friday (a plastic free Friday..hopefully) and I’m cutting one more plastic container from my home, the laundry detergent jug.  …
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canned slaw

Cabbage harvest & canning spicy slaw

I was successful in growing 5 beautiful heads of cabbage this year.  But after a squirrel ate one of them, …
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shop plastic free

Plastic Free Friday

Plastic free Fridays, an environmental movement similar to Meatless Mondays, encourages people to live plastic free for one day a …
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Pumpkin seedlings

Garden for free

Seriously… spend nothing on this year’s garden and grow the veggies you eat every day.  I used to spend as …
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hat lady

All natural DIY skin care with chia seed oil

Don’t cover that dry winter skin, try a home remedy using chia seed oil. I’ve moved to 100% natural skin …
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Fun ways to use up those leftovers!

Happy New Year!  I hope you are all enjoying your family and friends and some relaxing time together.  With the …
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Flawless Chaos featured on Hubba

Flawless Chaos was featured in a Hubba success story!  Perhaps you are not familiar with Hubba, a B2B networking site …
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Functional Christmas decor for a kitchen pot rack

Decorating for Christmas can become a little mundane when you put up the same decorations year after year.  I wanted …
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Don’t toss those pumpkins away!

I have a soft spot for all things pumpkin. I love them for fall decor, but most of all I …
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Green garden madness – Basil pea edamame soup and Kale hatch chili sauce

My garden is loving the cooler days now that it’s fall!  Kale, swiss chard, cabbage, tomatoes and all my herbs …
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