Green Living

Green heartI am committed to living a more sustainable life, from what I choose to wear, what I choose to buy and especially what I choose to eat.  We can all find ways to reduce waste, in this section I explore this topic and offer up new ideas to this ever growing problem.  Let's all work together to protect our planet.

Functional Christmas decor for a kitchen pot rack

Decorating for Christmas can become a little mundane when you put up the same decorations year after year.  I wanted …
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Don’t toss those pumpkins away!

I have a soft spot for all things pumpkin. I love them for fall decor, but most of all I …
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Green garden madness – Basil pea edamame soup and Kale hatch chili sauce

My garden is loving the cooler days now that it’s fall!  Kale, swiss chard, cabbage, tomatoes and all my herbs …
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Veggies in basket

Never buy veggie stock again! Taking composting one step further….

Back when I was eating & cooking chicken, I would roast whole chickens at least once a month and usually …
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flowers herbs oils candles

Going natural with Farm to Tub products

We’ve all heard of farm to table trends, but have you considered trying farm to tub?  Healthy eating and caring …
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Earth love

Conservation at the Consumer Level – Part I

Living a more mindful life has everything to do with conservation at the consumer level.  In my journey to simplify …
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The Flawless Chaos Shop is NOW OPEN!

For anyone who’s checked out my shop tab, you probably noticed that it’s been “coming soon” for awhile now.  I …
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Save the cypress groves by supporting your local arborist

What can you do to reduce waste, save money and potentially even help with reducing the destruction caused by hurricanes? …
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Traveling Austria 2017- Leading the way in clean living and sustainability

We are back from Europe after two weeks of adventure, laughs, relaxation, and revived perspective.  The food was outstanding and the …
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Floating bedside tables made from old pallets

Using old pallets on DIY projects has gotten popular, but I hadn’t tried it.   When our new flooring was …
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