I love hosting friends and family and I can honestly say that I do not stress out about it.

Over the years, I have had to get by on smaller budgets and I don’t think that should stop you from hosting.

Take your time when planning the menu and event and most importantly, keep it simple!


  • Turn the TV off and play music
  • Dietary constraints of your guests should be considered when planning the menu
  • When a full meal is served, appetizers should be just that…wetting your guests appetite for what’s to come
  • The main course should be something you have prepared before and not labor intesive during the event
  • Make sure the menu items makes sense together- don’t serve three different starches and no veggies
  • Consider serving the meal buffet style, it will be quicker and less formal
  • There’s nothing wrong with paper plates, it gives you more time to spend with your guests
  • Any activity that is offered should be planned in a way that guests don’t feel akward if they opt out
  • Use greenery and flowers from your yard to make the table or serving area look festive
  • On certain occasions, it’s nice to send your guests home with a small token gift, like a box of cookies







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