February 2019

The Power of your Opinions…

My daughters are 15 and almost 13, and I feel I’m in the next stage of motherhood.  The stage where they have social lives that don’t include me, they’re dating, and one is driving.  Before I know it, they will be leaving for college to pursue their dreams and start to build a life of their own.

As a parent, I wonder if I’m preparing my girls to be their own person or the person the world tells them to be?  Will they turn out to be kind and accepting adults?  Will they spread more positivity than negativity?

I have seen how much the strong personalities in their life have influenced how they see themselves.  Like the coach that singles you out, or the teacher that dismisses your questions as trivial.  Even close friends that see you as the “wild one” or the “quiet one” can really alter the way you see yourself.

When we form an opinion of another person, do we think of the impact that opinion will have on them?   Perhaps realizing your opinions can have a positive impact is key.      

Last week, I accidentily dyed my hair blue.  Really, it’s true.  I went to the grocery store and purchased some hair dye that I thought was toner, and it turned out to be sapphire blue.  (Note to self, always wear reading glasses when shopping or applying hair color!)

This turned out to be a social experiment in the way people reacted.  I could see the surprised look on people’s faces, thinking, “she must be crazy….”.  It’s easy to see how quickly we all form opinions of one and another.  Considering how we view our opponent in sports or how we view the opposite side in politics – both great examples of how we judge people based on little to no actual information about them as a human being.

Personally, I kind of like the blue hair, like I’m channeling my inner wild child without getting a tatoo.  Markus liked it enough on a temporary basis.  My kids, on the other hand, were supremely embarrassed.

All things considered, it’s been a fun way to see how people react when you are “different”.  A good reminder to fight the instinct within all of us to categorize people and spread negativity.

Namaste friends,