Patio Shelves Make any Patio like an outdoor room

Patio shelves are a great way to make your patio feel more like an outdoor room.  I had the perfect blank wall above my grill.

I opted for a single 8 foot long shelf, that houses mostly decor and a few plants.  You could make it more useful with hooks and storage for the grill equipment, or space for whatever you need like extra snacks and beverages.  I like to change it up once in a while, so I have a Texas version, which is great for summer time.  This shelf is easily transformed into an outdoor Christmas mantle or a balloon filled birthday scape – whatever the occasion calls for!

This project was super easy and very affordable.  Total time spent was around two hours with additional time for drying of stain/sealer – a perfect weekend project.

Other options to consider:

-Make multiple shelves and stagger for a more covered look

-Get creative with the style of your shelf supports (rectangles would be cool and a bit more modern)

-Incorporate lighting

-Paint a distinct accent color like turquise

-Make it functional for storing all grill equipment, pots & pans, and even a space for seasoning 


Materials Used

(3) 2x6x8ft cedar planks

1 box 2 1/2 in screws

1 pint stain & sealant


Equipment needed

Miter Saw

Paint brush


Total Cost of this project =$35


Decorative Patio Wall Shelf
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Decorative Patio Wall Shelf
Easy DIY project for decorative wall shelf above grill.
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Flawless Chaos
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