Home sweet home and where we spend most of our time (and energy).  My philospohy on home maintenance has transformed over the years.  I remember when we first moved into the house, it was daunting task to decorate and fill it, now I am constantly making give/sort/throw piles.  We have repainted, replaced or fixed alot of things but there's always "stuff" to do - this can be very expensive!  If you've checked out my travel page, you can see that I've got better things to do (and see) than throw more money into my home.  Which is why my husband and I are total DIYers and love to find inexpensive ways to update, reuse, recycle and/or repurpose.  I especially like finding beauty in simple concrete countertops, for example.  Here are some of our home projects we are totally proud of, including detailed instructions and advice on ways to do things cheaper, faster and customize to your own liking.