• colorful veggies spring rolls

    Shrimp and Veggie Spring Rolls

    Are you looking for a great healthy meal option?  Try making spring rolls at home – easy and 100% delicious.  These rolls are awesome with just veggies or with a layer of shrimp, making it a shrimp spring roll.  If you plan on making a combination of both, make sure to add the shrimp as your first layer, so your guests can easily see which is which. Start by chopping all your ingredients in long thin strips for the larger contents or diced for the smaller.  The possibilities are pretty much endless for your fillings, but the items above were particularly good together: mango, carrots, mint, hot peppers (habanero, jalapeño…

  • canned slaw
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    Cabbage harvest & canning spicy slaw

    I was successful in growing 5 beautiful heads of cabbage this year.  But after a squirrel ate one of them, it was time to harvest the rest.  What do you do with 5 heads of cabbage???  I decided on making and canning a big batch of spicy slaw.   I love this spicy slaw on burrito bowls or tacos, any kind ….veggie (sweet potato & black bean), fish, shrimp and even fish or crab “less” tacos.   Tacos are perfect for a quick dinner option, but the slaw takes a little extra time and if you are not stocked with the ingredients below, it’s not really a quick throw together meal ~…