• Spicy indian Dal

    Spicy Indian Dal – healthy, hearty and extremely tasty!

    Dal is a traditional Indian soup which is typically served with Naan bread or over rice.  It’s super healthy, vegan and full of flavor!  Basically the juice from all of the fresh ingredients make it soupy.  Dal is made with lentils, so make sure to take a couple of precautions to avoid the lentil belly issues…. The  night before, boil lentils for 3 minutes Drain and refill with water, let soak overnight Add 1 teaspoon of baking soda to the lentils for the overnight soak – this helps to draw out the type of sugar which is hard on digestion(raffinose) Consider taking a digestive aid like Beano if you are…

  • grilled artichokes

    Grilled Artichokes

    Grilled artichokes make an amazing appetizer or side dish.  They are easy to make, super healthy and in most areas of the country reasonably affordable. Step 1 Parboil your artichokes for roughly 20 minutes with 1 to 2 lemons cut into wedges.  Leave the artichokes whole and add a little salt to the water.     Step 2 Prepare an ice bath for the chokes, to prevent over cooking after you boil them.  Once they have cooled in the ice bath, cut the artichokes in half (top to bottom).  Remove the purple leaves and “hairy” center, leaving the edible leaves and tender heart.  Top liberally with olive oil and season…