• Green Living

    Christmas Mantle 2019

    It’s beginning to look a little like Christmas around here.  No tree yet, but my Christmas Mantle 2019 is finished.  This year I was a little bogged down with all the Christmas decor in retail stores since this summer.  I say “bay, humbug” to buying any holiday decor, that is, outside of replacing my last few strands of non LED lights with LED lights. First, you will need to collect branches from your yard or surrounding area. I love cypress and juniper versus pine, not as messy and easier to work with.  But you could really can do this with so many different types of branches.  See my natural holiday…

  • diy magnolia garland

    Beautiful DIY magnolia garland

    My magnolia tree is constantly shedding it's leaves all year long. Theses leaves are very sturdy, hard on the mower and even harder to compost. I saved a bin of the leaves for a future project..not really knowing what that might be.  I came up with the idea to use them for a holiday garland when I saw the cost of good quality garland in the store...very pricey!  I hadn't really considered magnolia foilage a holiday type of greenery, but it makes a really nice addition to any holiday arrangement. The once green leaves I had saved were now brown but they kept their shape and thickness. I used my…