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    Upcycled Light Fixtures to Holiday Decor

    When I painted my main room and entry way earlier this year, I was undecided on what to do with the old light fixtures that we replaced.  But then it hit me, these fixtures would make awesome holiday lanterns with a few adjustments.  It’s the best kind of project, the upcycled kind of project!     These fixtures come apart quite easily, I didn’t even need any tools.  Start by unscrewing the very top ring and continuing piece by piece working your way down until you can remove the inside light unit.   After the light bulb center and cords have been removed, unscrew the top and bottom round head…

  • diy magnolia garland

    Beautiful DIY magnolia garland

    My magnolia tree is constantly shedding it's leaves all year long. Theses leaves are very sturdy, hard on the mower and even harder to compost. I saved a bin of the leaves for a future project..not really knowing what that might be.  I came up with the idea to use them for a holiday garland when I saw the cost of good quality garland in the store...very pricey!  I hadn't really considered magnolia foilage a holiday type of greenery, but it makes a really nice addition to any holiday arrangement. The once green leaves I had saved were now brown but they kept their shape and thickness. I used my…

  • DIY,  Green Living

    Functional Christmas decor for a kitchen pot rack

    Decorating for Christmas can become a little mundane when you put up the same decorations year after year.  I wanted to change it up by bringing in more natural elements and less bling.  I have a pot rack installed over my kitchen island.  This rack is not very functional for pots because they hang too low, so it's pretty much decorative.  In the past, I have used the usual holiday greenery with red accents of holly and ribbon - very typical.  We are expecting our first real freeze next week, just in time to get us in the holiday spirit!  Because it's the first freeze, all of my non-evergreen herbs…