MasterBath Vanity Update

    As we head into our 4th week of being at home, here’s my best attempt to distract myself and feel productive.  This is the second post on our master bath update, check out master bath tub upgrade for the initial post. Because of the detail on the tub, I felt the vanity needed to be simple, clean and modern.   Here is the before pic:   Step 1 Remove the mirror – this was a delicate step because we didn’t want to break the mirror.  This 12 foot long mirror would be saved for the master closet update, hopefully completed in the next few weeks.  We used a long metal…

  • Fnished concrete vanity

    DIY concrete bathroom vanity

    My builder grade bathroom vanities have seen better days. When I looked into replacement options, I was shocked at the expense for anything quality/high end, to the tune of $1,000 and up. For next to nothing, I reused my bathroom cabinet (painted it ) and poured a concrete counter top. Add a glass bowl sink, a farmhouse industrial faucet and you have an updated look for around $150.  Another affordable option would be to build open wood shelving for under the countertop, a future project for the master bath. Note – we have poured countertops inside, installing directly on the cabinets and in place but we’ve also tried it outside…

  • Beautiful after pic of bathroom sink salvage

    Bathroom sink salvage – you don’t have to add to landfills to have a beautiful home!

    My husband and I are in the process of renovating a 40 year old cabin. We are trying to save/repurpose as much as we can. Keeping that in mind, I was not about to replace the bathroom sink/vanity. Even though it was ugly!  I started by painting the cabinet with charcoal chalk paint and a wax finish. Then I gave the original knobs a quick coat of pewter rustoleum. For the countertop, I removed the formica covering, which had been glued to a wood base. I was careful not damage the wood. Mostly I used a razor blade and scraper. Wear eye protection because some of the tiny pieces were really…