• Es Calo des Moro Beach in Southern Mallorca

    Majorca, Spain 2019

    I can sum up our Majorca trip in 3 words….best trip ever!  I have always loved the water and beach but nothing compares to the beautiful Majorca coastline.  Most importantly, this was a trip that our girls really loved, too.  Teenagers can be difficult to drag around Europe and aren’t always up for sightseeing, but Majorca was a perfect family trip.  Our days were filled with plenty of beach time, water sports, sight-seeing and great food.  Palma is the largest city in Majorca and where you will fly in and out of, but I would not recommend spending too much time there.  It’s known to be a party town and…

  • Lifestyle

    Discount Travel on WOW Air – the good, the bad and the ugly

    Our Trip Traveling as a family can get expensive but there are ways to reign in your budget.  This summer my family embarked on a three week European vacation.  This trip included our two daughters, 12 and 14, as well as, my mom who has recently retired.  We wanted to see as much as possible without spending a fortune.  We planned this trip to coincide with my husband’s July work trip to Cologne, Germany.  This meant it would just be us girls for the trek over and back.  My daughters busy summer schedules complicated the travel planning because we had to wait until last minute to book our plane tickets. …

  • BeachClub

    Croatia, an affordable, friendly paradise!

    It seems like Croatia has gotten a lot of attention this summer, from making it to the world cup finals, to the shooting locale for the much atticipated movie, Mama Mia 2 (loved it).  My family got to visit this beautiful country last month and really fell in love with this place.  The people of Croatia are kind and welcoming, so much so, that you almost forget you are a long way from the US. There are few difficulties in planning a trip here, like say laungage or being able to find information online.  We stayed in Opatija, which is in northwest Croaita.  It has the most stunning landscapes and…

  • StreetwithEiffeltower

    Weekend in Paris

    I have just returned from a quick trip to Germany, where we squeezed in a weekend in Paris. It was my first time in this very unique city and I would point out a few things: there's no bad food in all of Paris everyone must go French women know fashion Food From street food, basic breakfast, to fine dining- it's amazing.  There's a level of freshness, flavor and attention to detail that appears to be their standard way of doing things.      

  • Cologne cathedral lit up at night

    Cologne, Germany ~ February 2018

    You are probably thinking, Cologne in the winter?  No way!   But hear me out, this city has so much to offer even in the colder months and you will get a great deal on airfare/hotel.  The main reason for my visit was to visit my husband Markus, who is working on a project in Cologne for the next few months.  While he worked, I enjoyed walking the city, museums, shopping and breaks in between for delicious food and cold Kolsch beer.