Stone Entryway

When we did the addition to our lakehouse for the new mudroom we didn’t have enough room for much of a front porch because the septic is in front of the house and we can’t cover it with concrete.  For those of you who’ve never had a septic system, septic tanks require access for emptying.  There are two access points to the septic, one about 2 feet off the front door and another about 10 foot.  Our temporary solution were some odd shaped pavers we had laying around, which helped keep the entryway free from mud when it rained, but it was not very attractive…

Step 1

Remove old stones and configure where the new walkway would extend.  We used landscape edging to define our borders.


Step 2

We added 1 to 2 inches of sand and leveled the sand with a board and level.


Step 3

Add plastic liner on top of sand to prevent weeds from sprouting.  Then add the paver stones and measure between each to keep straight.

Step 4

Add pebble stones between pavers and then center solar lights between paver stones on each side.


Final Pics

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