Easy One Pot Shrimp Boil

I have been making this shrimp boil for years and it is always easy and delicious. This meal is good for a large gathering or an easy weeknight dinner for the family.  There are some modifications you may want to make if you are serving this to a large group. If there will be a lot of kids I will make one pot mild and let loose with the shrimp boil spices on another pot for the adults. If it’s a big group to feed, I like to serve this with rice made with chicken stock – the flavors are great together. I like to serve with a simple chopped salad tossed with a light olive oil and vinegar dressing. 

Ingredients for a 4 person meal:
(1) Keilbasa Sausage 
(1) lb. Raw Shrimp
(4) Ears Corn on the Cob
Shrimp Boil Spice 
Onion – quartered
(2) lbs. Potatoes
(2) Lemons – add 1 lemon cut in half to pot and another lemon cut into wedges used for garnish

*Use however much or little of the above ingredients, this meal is very versatile.  I’ve used cauliflour, mushrooms, carrots, and even vegan sausage – the flavor is always great.  It’s really up to your individual taste, but beware if your eye’s start to water during the cooking process, your shrimp boil is super HOT!

Fill large pot to the midway mark with water and add your shrimp boil spices (read label on water to spice ratio – but I like it super spice…so I add a bit more than recommended). My favorite shrimp boil brand is from Lousiana Fish Products, and it’s their traditional crawfish/shrimp boil.  If you buy this seasoning in the really big bag, be aware of  the expiration date, these spices really lose their potency after 12 months.Then add your potatoes, small reds or gold are the best for this, quartered onion, a lemon cut in half, and the sausage cut up in 2 inch pieces.


Once the potatoes and sausage have boiled about twenty minutes, add the corn on the cob, then in another 10 minutes, add the shrimp.  Make sure to test the potatoes and make sure they are done before adding your shrimp.  The corn will absorb the spices the most, so if you don’t want the corn very spicy, add it when you add the shrimp.

When the shrimp are cooked, drain the entire pot and serve on a platter with lemon and cilantro or parsley.




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