Bedroom Accent Wall with Shelf

A bedroom accent wall with wall shelf is a great way to update your decor and find a place for all those things that you want to display.  I contemplated how to decorate my master bedroom for a while.  I knew I wanted an accent wall but I needed a way to display my daughters ceramics, art work and items we have picked up during our travels.  Like most projects, I began by removing the large dated armoire that took up way too much space in the room.

Before Pic

Step 1

Measure wall for shelf and amount of paint needed.  We used magnets to locate the studs and a level to draw a straight line where the dark paint (bottom) and the shelf would meet.  I also did a test spot for color – just wanted to make absolutely sure!


Step 2

Build the Shelf – My wall is quite long, so it required more than one piece of wood (length wise).  We decided to make it more stable by constructing a three sided shelf, connecting the bottom portion in the center and each sides to the left so they were interwoven.  The front board is only glued on with wood glue, while the back board is connected with screws and wood glue.




Step 3

Paint or Stain – I chose to paint my shelf because of the wood color of my bedframe but normally I would have liked to keep the natural wood for a shelf.  I opted to cover my kitchen island with a drop cloth in order to avoid painting in the sweltering Texas heat.


Step 4

Hang shelf and arrange decor – We used the marks when we made the straight line that indicated the studs to hang the shelf with screws, so it’s very sturdy.  There would have been an action shot but not enough hands….  I also installed led lights behind the front lip of the shelf for perfect illumination at night.  I also plan to add / exchange current decor for Christmas decor during the holidays.  I’m super pleased with our new room and it was a very easy and affordable day project.

Final Pic







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