Bathroom Re-fresh

We are busy preparing the house for a lot of guests and graduation party for my eldest daughter.  The front bathroom was especially overdue for a little refresh.  Here’s what it looked like originally:


Pretty plain but over time the dried hydrangeas fell apart and the stain on the frame of the mirror gave me a western vibe, which is not the vibe of my house …at all!

Step 1

I started by replacing the shower curtain with one made from fabric I had picked up at a remnant/close out sale for $1.  My sewing machine and I are on the outs, so I did a quick no sew seem at the top with fabric glue and then added a cream colored ribbon at the bottom.  If you are thinking regular fabric for a shower curtain…..gross, don’t worry, there’s a plastic one on the inside to prevent it from getting wet.


Step 2

The next step was to get rid of the stained wood accents on the mirror and towel rack that I had added last time.  This took several tries, but I feel like I got it right in the end by trading out the mirror all together(pic below) with one I had in my bedroom, then painting the towel rack wooden base the same color as the wall(pic above).

Step 3

Then I repainted the cabinet a muted blue grey to blend in with the new shower curtain, then the base boards a nice bright white and touched up the rest of the walls with the original color.  


Step 3

I found the new cabinet handles at HomeGoods, it was love at first sight!  Notice in the picture above, that there are dark bronze and dull brass on the new light fixture and the new cabinet handles but only bronze on the TP and towel rack.  I like the mixed metal look for this room.  Then we swapped out the facet, which is also bronze.


Step 4

Add small accents to make it feel comfortable and spa like.  The loofah sponges, fresh white rolled towels, and bath accessories.  I found the refillable soap and lotion dispensers on Amazon, they come with the black labels you write yourself.  Then to tie it all together, I added bubble bath with a similar label.


While I would have preferred to renovate the entire bathroom, the new fixtures, mirror and decor made a big difference!

P.S. Small bathrooms are so so so hard to photograph, my apologies for the pics!


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