Red Beans and Rice

Looking for a simple side dish recipe that also can be a main dish, is very inexpensive, delicious, healthy and will please the masses?  Look no further, red beans and rice is my go to side dish when hosting a large group or perfect to make ahead for those busy week nights.  The prepared red beans can be used in my tortilla soup, burrito bowls or taco salads, etc.  You can adjust how much you make by looking at the rice and / or beans label and calculate needed serving size per person.


4 cups Dried Red kidney beans

1 yellow or white onion

2 Jalapeños

6 cups Chicken or Veggie Stock

3 or 4 Bay leaves

Salt and Pepper to taste

3 or 4 gloves garlic (smashed and diced)

Fresh Parsley or Cilantro for garnish

Directions:  Soak beans overnight, filling the pot with water two inches over the dried beans.  In the morning drain and rinse.  If you forget to soak them the night before, you can do the quick soak method by bringing your beans and water to a boil, turn off the heat and cover, letting sit for two hours before you drain and refill the water to begin cooking.   

(After pre-soak/quick soak) Fill pot about 2 inches over beans with stock or water, chop the onion in four parts (quarter) and add to pot, then add the garlic and bay leaves.  This recipe is very “forgiving”, no stock?  no problem, just use water and salt the beans to taste.  In fact, when I am trying to eat clean and reduce my sodium intake, I leave the stock out altogether.  Boil on medium low for several hours, until the liquid cooks down and but not too long so the beans burn to bottom of pan.  I prefer the beans have some juice for when you top the rice.  Add liquid as necessary. 

Serve with rice and top with parsley or cillantro.  I prefer cauliflower rice, but often serve both so everyone has a choice.  Red beans and rice are the perfect side dish for my Peruvian Chicken.




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