Prague, Czech Republic

During our last trip to Vienna, we planned a few days in Prague despite all of the post covid travel limitations.  We arrived in Vienna the Thursday before Thanksgiving and had three days of pre-lockdown outings.  A few of which included Christmas markets, Heurigens (local run wineries) and hiking around the Anninger mountain. 

As the lockdown went into effect, we decided to go ahead with our plans to go to Prague by train.  I have taken the train a lot in Germany but in Austria I had only ridden the subway.  The train was very comfortable, completely empty and quite affordable.  We spent around 50 euros per first class ticket and seat reservation.  The trip is about 4.5 hours and there’s a full restaurant and bar service onboard. 

Once we arrived in Prague, we walked from the main train station to the downtown area and across the Karlsbridge Bridge to old town Prague.  This was a little over a mile and full of sights to see.

I’m always amazed by the dessert creations that look like works of art!


After you cross the bridge, you are in the heart of old town.Our hotel, the Hotel Pod Vezi was only steps away.  This hotel was perfect in my book, affordable, ideal location, nice accomodations, with an excellent restaurant and bar onsite.


Like most of Europe, the food did not disappoint.  Everything from soups, stews, escargot, pastries,cheeses and a wide array of ethic options.


The main tourist attraction in Prague is Prague Castle. Why Is Prague Castle So Famous? Prague Castle is the largest castle in the world with 70,000 square meters of property, founded in 880 as a seat of power for the Bohemian Kings. Even today, it is still used as the official seat of the president of the Czech Republic. Allow at least four hours to roam around the castle and surrounding grounds.  We usually opt for the self guided audio tour, so we aren’t bound to a group guided schuedule.

Getting to the castle by foot is a great work out with around 280 large steps up, covering a distance of 1.6 meters.  You can also take a taxi or uber, but our hotel was within walking distance. Which is the reason we made the gruelling climb but it was so very worth it.

The castle complex includes palaces, churches, chapels, towers, fortifications, offices, halls, courtyards, gardens.  St. Vitus Cathedral (pictured above)

Golden Lane (pictured below) is a charming row of houses that date back to the original structure.  Inside these tiny row houses you can get a glimpse of what like might have been like back then.


We finished off our sight seeing with a boat tour, in a covered/heated boat and hot Gluhwein!

I loved Prague and would love to go back, especially in the summer!

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