Adding a Mudroom

Here is the front view of  the recently renovated exterior, which I’ve blogged about in Lakehouse Exterior post.  In this post, I will show what we did to the inside.

Before we added our mudroom, I had no idea how much it would add to our home.  From the exterior, it added curb appeal and character to the house and inside it added a laundry area, bench with storage, additional storage and a way we could open up the kitchen area by sinking the refrigerator into part of the mudroom.

Here you can see the outside wall of the old house, which we removed the old siding and insulation.  Then we treated for termites and ran wire for the lighting and laundry area.  Don’t worry, my husband is an electrical engineer and I was only the apprentice….   After the wiring was complete, we insulated the outside walls and then it was time to dry wall.  



I have to say that drywall is my least favorite job of this entire big project.  It’s very difficult to get a professional look if you are not a professional, which I”m not!  We did our best and in the end, it looks OK.  I will say that if we ever add on to the house again, this is something I would consider outsourcing.




Normally, we would have finished the walls before moving onto the flooring but my husband was working on other areas of the house and as the lesser skilled laborer on this project I was left with tiling as my next task.



For tiling tutorials, check out slate patio or tiny kitchen

The only thing that is different about this tile from my other projects, is that this was a pattern and I had to pay attention so the pattern was correct.

Never one to pass up the opportunity to recycle and reuse.  I painted this old bathroom cabinet white.  It took roughly three coats to cover the dark color.  I also planned to use the old bathroom closet doors in this room.  The doors were already white, and I added hardware that matched to bring it all together.


Here are the old bathroom closet doors still installed in the bathroom.



In this picture, you can see the room coming together.  The larger doors are enclosing the washer and dryer.  We built our own enclosure and dryer stand because we weren’t buying new appliances.  The set we had were not stackable.  Everything you see in this picture was made from reclaimed materials except the butcher block counter we picked up at home depot for $109.



This picture (above) shows the refrigerator from the kitchen/dining area.  You can see it really provides more usable space and opens up the room.  The fridge encloser in the mud room(pictured below) was also built using reclaimed materials from other areas of the renovation.




The fridge enclosure is to the right of the bench.  I have added baskets under the bench and on top of the fridge encloser for additional storage.



The mudroom is a great addition to the house and now I don’t have to haul laundry back and forth, we have much more room in the kitchen and plenty of storage in general.

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