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DIY Ottoman made from an Old Tire

This is my favorite kind of DIY project, cheap, easy and environmentally friendly!  After updating my bathroom and closet, I needed to spruce up the bedroom.  I’m loving the bohemian look these days, so what better than a ottoman made from a repurposed material like an old tire?  A not so fun fact about tire disposal is that tires are one of the most problematic sources of waste we face today.  44 States have banned them from landfills, but the recycling process is expensive and almost always passed on to the consumer.  Tire DIY /repurposing projects could help, even if just a little….


What you will need:

Old Tire 

Rug – new or old, just thick enough to with stand the screws and washers

Two square pieces of particle board

Screws and large washers

Wooden legs with brackets for installation


Step 1

Clean off tire and measure/cut and attach particle boards to top and bottom of tire.


Step 2

Attach the legs to the bottom.


Step 3

Attach the rug using large washers(so the rug doesn’t tear) and screws.  This step is definetly easier with a friend to keep the sides evenly smooth.


Step 4

Paint or Stain the legs – I went with a midnight blue to match my bedroom/bathroom accent color.


Finished Look



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