Dress Up your Knobs

During my guest bedroom makeover, I debated whether or not to try and use some Ikea furniture that had recently been cast off from my girls’ rooms.  The dresser and bedside table were not in horrible shape but nothing special….


Notice the small standard black knobs that come on most IKEA dressers (above), this is what I used to make a big difference in the overall look.

Step 1

Remove the knobs and consider painting the base color of the dresser/bedside table.  I chose a deep green and used spray paint, but you could also use chalk paint.  These aren’t wood so I would not recommend using regular paint.  I did not want paint to drift onto the inside of the drawers or sides, so I used a large trash bag to cover the rest of the drawer and painters tape to secure it.

Step 2

Cut the “heads” off of 10 disposable bamboo spoons (five per knob) using medium garden shears.

Step 3

Using the knobs which were removed from the dresser, add a decent amount of mortar to the back of the knob being careful not to get it on the sides or face of the knob.  Arrange the bamboo spoon heads in a circular fashion to resemble a flower.  Let mortar dry 24 hours before doing anything else.

Step 4

Choose paint color for the knob.  I used a brass gold rustoleum spray paint.  Two coats.


Step 5

Once your paint dries, put the knobs back on and ENJOY!











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  • Johanne Palange

    That is very pretty. I’d worry about the solidity. Like, would a buffalo eventually break the petals off from constant use? It seems to me that one should be delicate and just grab the middle knob, but buffalos have their own way of doing things. However, your creation is so simple yet gorgeous. I like it alot.

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