MasterBath Vanity Update

Finished BathAs we head into our 4th week of being at home, here’s my best attempt to distract myself and feel productive.  This is the second post on our master bath update, check out master bath tub upgrade for the initial post.

Because of the detail on the tub, I felt the vanity needed to be simple, clean and modern.


Here is the before pic:


Step 1

Remove the mirror – this was a delicate step because we didn’t want to break the mirror.  This 12 foot long mirror would be saved for the master closet update, hopefully completed in the next few weeks.  We used a long metal stick behind the mirror to gauge where the adhesive had been applied.  Then we used a crowbar to gently pry the mirror off.  After the mirror is removed, you can chip off the old adhesive with a putty knife.  We also changed out the light fixtures at this point because we went from two fixtures to three, so there was some drywall repair and painting required.


Step 2

Once the wall was cleaned and prepped, it was time to tile.  We started at the bottom, because the existing vanity made it easy to keep the tiles straight and don’t forget to use spacers to have the tiles exact.   If you need more help on tile installation, see slate tile patio.



Step 3

Mirros / Lighting / Faucets

The new light fixtures came from Lowe’s, the new mirrors from Ikea and the faucets came from Amazon.





  • Judy white

    Looks awesome. In an apartment you can’t change anything so I just added beautiful picture framing around the bathroom mirrors to give them a richer look. Just measure and use small long nails to the wall or use glue to the mirror whichever is available

  • Cindy Moore

    I love this! You did an awesome job! Just a thought. My mother in law had a huge mirror above her vanity. I happened to be visiting her when the mirror fell off the wall. She had just been sitting on her vanity seat literally seconds before. Shards of glass cut the fabric on the seat! We discovered that the adhesive had been applied like yours. It is supposed to be spread out with a trowel to even it out all over. Also, there were no clips to help keep it in place. Just wouldn’t want you to get hurt when you use it elsewhere.

  • chaosqueen

    Hi Cindy! Glad you like it! Good point on attaching those big mirrors securely. In my master closet post, I will detail how we reattached it more securely. Thanks again.

  • chaosqueen

    Good point Judy – I’ve “framed” the mirror in my smaller bathroom for a similar affect. Thanks again.

  • Donna G.

    Looks beautiful. Can you tell me where you found such a long countertop with “built in” sinks? We’ve been looking for exactly what you have but can’t find anything long enough.

  • chaosqueen

    Hi Donna,

    This counter/sinks combo was installed by the original home builder, which was DR Horton. Most homes by DR Horton built around the early 2000’s have this style of sink/counter. I would keep an eye out at second hand and building salvage outlets.


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