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Home office white board – don’t sacrifice style for necessity

It’s a new year and it’s time to get organized.  I love reading how other bloggers / entrepreneurs keep on track while operating out of a home office.  I found a good article from The DIY Playbook about planning and that using a white board was a crucial aid for staying on track.  Bingo!  that is exactly what we needed, so  I looked around for options to hang on the wall or with a stand.  The problem with both, is that they take up space and add a corporate feel to the room.  As you can see, my husband and I share a pretty tiny office.

home office

Here’s the other side of the room, where we installed shelving for the printers and file baskets.

I was considering adding a 24×36 inch framed option($30 on Amazon)  to the door of the office closet, but this type is meant to hang horizontal, so the marker ledge would be upright. Not to mention I would have needed two boards.  For a $60 investment, I knew I wouldn’t be happy with those….  That’s when I found the Nicpro white self-adhesive dry erase contact paper.  For  $15.99, I ordered the extra large 17.7″ X 16ft roll that included 6 dry erase markers.

Installing the dry erase paper

After measuring my closet and office door, I decided to do one long strip down the closet door (office side) and two side by side but shorter strips down the back of the office door for my calendar.  To have the ability to hide both boards completely, you could install the closet white board on the inside of the door.  When it’s in use, the closet door would have to be open, but then you would have the ability to hide it.  I’m trying it on the outside for now……   I soon found out that this contact paper is super easy to move and it stays super sticky the second or third time you move it.  Start by measuring the width of your door and what exact center would be.  Then slowly peel back the grid wax paper on the back and smooth onto door.  As you can see, my doors are not flat and I had some doubt we would have to add a flat board prior to this step.  But as long as you go slow and get it very smooth, it doesn’t show the indentations of the door line.  I was very impressed how durable it is.

Use razor blade to cut around door handle

The finished product!

The office is located at the front of our home, immediately to the right of the front door.  It’s nice to be able to open the office door and hide my calendar behind it, or wipe the closet board clean and it’s hardly noticeable (white board on white door).

Hidden White board

This would be a great option for a kids playroom, bedroom or study area, also.  Very inexpensive, easy to install and remove.

Home office white board - don't sacrifice style for organization
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Home office white board - don't sacrifice style for organization
Sharing a home office with your spouse has it's challenges, we solved our organization and planning confusion by installing hidden white boards for a shared calendar, business plan and goals.
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Flawless Chaos
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