colorful veggies spring rolls

Shrimp and Veggie Spring Rolls

colorful veggies spring rollsAre you looking for a great healthy meal option?  Try making spring rolls at home – easy and 100% delicious.  These rolls are awesome with just veggies or with a layer of shrimp, making it a shrimp spring roll.  If you plan on making a combination of both, make sure to add the shrimp as your first layer, so your guests can easily see which is which.

Start by chopping all your ingredients in long thin strips for the larger contents or diced for the smaller.  The possibilities are pretty much endless for your fillings, but the items above were particularly good together: mango, carrots, mint, hot peppers (habanero, jalapeño or cayenne), red cabbage, green onions and a little lime juice.  Shrimp optional, you could buy pre-cooked or boil your own.  Some recipes call for rice noodles for filling, but I used a small amount of spaghetti squash I had cooked earlier.  These noodles/squash help to fill out the texture of the roll.

filling rice paper

Now that you have your veggies and/or shrimp ready, you will need to prep your rice paper.  I order mine on Amazon, Dynasty brand, in the 22cm size.  They come in packs of 40 to 50 sheets, so you will have plenty left over for future meals  Don’t make too large of a batch, basically just what you want to eat/serve.  These are best fresh but still good stored in the fridge for a day.  The rice paper will be stiff and you will need to soak the paper briefly, piece by piece, making it soft enough to roll.

oversoaked rice paper

To soak your rice paper, use a small amount of water on a plate and only soak for 5-7 seconds.  Removing the rice paper before its 100% soft is key, because the moisture still on the paper will continue to soften while you fill and roll.  I thought it would be helpful to include a picture of an oversoaked rice paper(above).  This will make rolling very difficult.  I use the typical burrito style rolling method:  contents in the middle, fold over the right side, tuck in both ends, then tightly roll to the left.

peanut dipping sauce

Once you have successfully filled your spring rolls, prepare a spicy peanut sauce.  Just like the fillings, this sauce is very adaptable to whatever you have on hand.  All natural peanut butter is the base ingredient, adding the following ingredients per your personal taste: apple cider vinegar, sarachi sauce, hoisin, soy, amino acids, agave nectar or additional hot sauce for heat.

Serve with a mint and lime wedge garnish.

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  • Gail

    We used to own a Thai restaurant in Bar Harbor, Maine…. the sauce we served with them was different. We used Mae Ploy Sweet Chili sauce, watered down a bit (otherwise it’s too thick), with chopped peanuts. Fresh spring rolls were the most ordered item on the menu! Let me know if you try it…

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