It’s time for tapas!

Spanish tapas are perfect for hosting your next intimate gathering or large party.  Tapas are super flexible(vegan/vegetarian/pescatarian) and really easy to serve many healthy veggie options.  I've always liked tapas, but really fell in love with them on our trip to Barcelona.  Tapas are all about enjoying a lengthy slowly served meal among your loved ones.  Enjoying the food, time spent relaxing and especially each other!

I’ve grouped the tapas below by vegan, vegetarian and pescatarian.  When you go to plan your tapas party, consider how much you want to spend from a time and investment perspective.  If you are short on time, I would recommend relying more heavily on the non-cook options (olives, hummus, cheese, smoked salmon and dried tuna) and for the budget friendly options, serve more veggies, bread, and potato based tapas.

Vegan Tapas

Many of you are probably thinking of chorizo or Iberico ham when you think of Spanish tapas, but it's surprising how many traditional tapas are vegan. 

Vegetarian Tapas

The possibilities are endless for vegetarian tapas.  If you haven't met Manchego cheese, you must, it's to die for delicious, especially paired with a nice Tempranillo.  

Pescatarian / Seafood Tapas

If you eat seafood, you will want to try these tapas.  Usually heavy on the garlic and always bold on flavor!

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