Veggies in basket
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Never buy veggie stock again! Taking composting one step further….

Veggies in basket

Back when I was eating & cooking chicken, I would roast whole chickens at least once a month and usually save the left over carcass to make chicken stock.  I had never thought about doing the same with my veggie scraps.  Which means prior to throwing all my veggies scraps into the compost bucket, I add them to a zip lock bag kept in the freezer.  The good part about freezing the scraps is that is gives you flexibility for making the stock whenever you can get around to it!  The veggie scraps still make it into the composter, just after you’ve gotten everything out of them first.

Benefits of making your own stock?  it saves money, no preservatives or added salt, and you have the ability to customize your stock based on your personal taste.  Here’s some options when making your stock:

Veggies –  carrots, onions, parsnips; garlic, greens, squash, tomatoes, corn, green beans, eggplant, leaks, mushrooms, broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini and bell peppers to name a few

Herbs – rosemary, sage, bay leaves, thyme, oregano, parsley, basil

Spices – peppercorn, cloves, dried hot chilis, tumeric, cumin

Add 3 to 4 quarts water to your mix and boil about 1 hour.  Remove from heat and let cool for another 30 minutes to an hour with everything still in the pot – I think this lets the flavor really develop.  Strain and keep in a jar for up to 10 days in the frig or freeze for up to 6 months.  You could also make a big batch and can them for storing in the pantry.Veggie Stock

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