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The Flawless Chaos Shop is NOW OPEN!

For anyone who’s checked out my shop tab, you probably noticed that it’s been “coming soon” for awhile now.  I am proud to say that officially, the Flawless Chaos shop is now open and I will be adding to the product selection gradually.  The offering is centered around handmade, organic, earth friendly or items with a bigger purpose.  I have been busy researching small “mom and pop” companies that are devoted to natural products and clean living.  Every dollar we spend can be a voice for change.  Not all vendors are only interested in the almighty dollar.  Some truly are devoted to the greater good of helping people – these are the companies I want to do business with.

The first company I want to introduce is Rice Love.  We are proud to be a brand ambassador for this organization, which donates food (rice) to a family in need for every product you purchase.  Not only are they trying to make the world a better place and feeding the hungry but their products are super cool.


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My favorite is this Elephant Artwork bag with rice motif.  This creative Elephant Artwork with a rice motif depicts the life and love of India. Elephants represent good luck! Now, you can carry luck around with you! Good karma. Good vibes.

The illustration was created by Sarah Querido. Originally from Japan, Querido now lives in Hawaii with her husband and new baby. Follow Querido’s work on Instagram @sarahquerido.

Your purchase of this bag (or any item on their website) provides 1 kilo (2.2 lbs) of rice to a family in need in India. Indians typically eat rice three meals per day. This will last the average family (of 4 people) almost 3 days. We give away 20 kilos of rice at a time. This typically gives families about a month of rice! Buying this bag feeds families! 

Company Bio: We love our employees! We treat them right. That is why we adhere to fair trade practices. We also train women to sew. Because of this there are slight differences in size and quality. Buying these bags provides jobs!


I hope you will check out the shop and that perhaps it sheds new light on what we choose to put on and in our bodies.  As well as, how those choices affect us, the environment and the people that make these products.  Over the next month, I will be adding a skin care, gourmet/natural foods, clothing, pet food, and health supplements product lines.  I have also worked with some of these vendors on some great launch promotionals, which will be featured in future blog posts.




Flawless Chaos Shop - now open
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Flawless Chaos Shop - now open
We are now an ambassador for Rice Love - great company, with great products doing great things for hungry families.
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Flawless Chaos
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