Salad on your morning toast or bagel…sounds crazy but it’s really good!


My last blog on vegan breakfast covered  recipes that are a little heavier, what I would consider weekend fare.  Here’s an idea for a quick and healthy vegan breakfast that is my go to.  Salad on toast, sounds crazy but the tang of the vinaigrette gives it flavor and provides a great healthy start to the day.

The picture above is a toasted bagel with arugula, onions, cherry tomatoes and a garlic vinaigrette.

Other topping ideas:

-Avocado – mash up a half of avocado add a little seasoning salt and pepper.  This is great on a hearty wheat and / or nutty bread – my kids even love it!

-Roasted veggies – I often bbq more veggies than I need when I fire up the grill because they make great toppings for toast.  Some of my favorites are roasted peppers, onions, asparagus and zuchinin.

-Sweet Potatoes – mash up cooked sweet potato and add your favorite hot sauce for extra spice.

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