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Floating bedside tables made from old pallets

Floating Bedside table made from recycled pallet woodUsing old pallets on DIY projects has gotten popular, but I hadn’t tried it.   When our new flooring was delivered on this beautiful pallet, I saved it.  Six months later, I found the perfect use for it. With the remodeling of our lake cabin, we needed to tie in the modern farmhouse look in the kitchen with the rest of the house.  What better way than rustic but modern floating tables in the bedroom….I love the SGS (Scattaglia Growers & Shippers) emblem and wanted to incorporate that into the design. The pallet came with the emblem on both sides, which worked out well because I needed two tables.  We needed on additional pallet to construct the rest of each table. I got the other one from Lowe’s when I noticed it laying out front and in really rough shape – they gave it to me for free.  recycled pallet wood with the SCG emblem


I would say the most labor intensive part of this project was getting the pallets apart without breaking the old wood. The nails were three inches long with a twisted shaft…frustrating! I ended up wiggling the nails out until I could pop the head off the nail and hammer it through the other direction. Then I sanded each piece on every side really good with a palm sander. I wanted each piece as smooth as possible to prevent any slivers. The old wood was so pretty, I really didn’t want to even put a coat of polyurethane on it – so in the end I left it raw.
Constructing the tables with pallet wood

I found two metal baskets at TJ Maxx that were the right size for what we had in mind – $19.99/per baskett.
When assembling old pallet wood, you have to drill the hole then put the screw in, the wood can break apart easily because it’s thin and very hard/coarse.  We were running out of wood, so we had to scrimp a little on the bottom, but the floating tables are still very secure.  Use a level and magnet to hang them. Markus swears by a magnet to find the studs…it works better than a stud finder.
I love how they turned out and for just around $45 and a few hours of work.Both bedside tables installed/floating
Floating bedside tables made from old pallets
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Floating bedside tables made from old pallets
Make a bedside table for around $20 out of recycled pallet wood
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