Guest Bathroom refresh

Gold painted bathroom

My guest bathroom needed a refresh!  I am not exactly sure what I was thinking when we first moved into the house (10+ years ago), when I painted it gold.  But it was time for a new coat of paint, as well as, an overall update.  When we did the master bedroom, I purchased a small paint sprayer that worked well for that room.  I thought it would be quite easy to tape the bathroom in prep for the sprayer because the rooom is small.  But the prep took a long time and the sprayer did not work as well on a small room.  In hindsight, I would have been better off to brush and roll this room.

Originally, this bathroom had a very plain mirror on the vanity.  I looked around for a replacement but did not find anything I liked that was affordable.  Instead, we built a frame to attach to the existing mirror.  I used an antiquing technique with multiple steps.  The first step is to brew tea and apply to the wood.  The second step is to soak steel wool in white vinnegar for several weeks and let it oxidize. This creates a stain like substance, which I had to use several coats to get the desired shade.  Because the mirror is very close to water/the sink, I added two coates of polyurathane to protect it.

Tea StainTea Stain


After the tea stain application


I  used the same technique on the new towel rack.  The “hooks” on the towel rack are curtain tie backs that I purchased and never found a good use for.

Tie backs for drapes are used to create this towel rack

My old bedroom curtains became the new shower curtain by adding a $3 plastic liner to the inside of the shower rod.  We used double sided tape to attach the frame to the mirror.  There were also brackets used for every corner of the frame.  I added a decortive edging to the frame, which is sold in the trim section of Home Depot.

Frame Tip:  Look for the straightest board you can find, when the board is warped it will be very hard for it to lay flat against the mirror.



I am defintely pleased with the overall results.


After look of updated bathroomAfter look of bathroom

Bathroom Refresh and Framed Mirror
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Bathroom Refresh and Framed Mirror
Quick refresh for guest bathroom, includes adding a frame to the existing mirror.
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