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Handmade Stockings from recycled material

Handmade StockingsThis year it was time for a change of style for our family stockings. I had saved the burlap gold flecked table runners from the wedding and I thought they would make great stockings.  This project was a moderate level of effort, very affordable and in the end, I am happy with how they turned out.


  1.  Find Pattern  – I used one of our old stockings, giving about a 1/2 inch seam allowance.
  2.  Sew/Glue Stocking together – I decided I would not break out my sewing machine but rather do red decorative stitches by hand around the edges – this added more red to the overall look.  I used a large needle that would accommodate the red yarn.
  3. Glue Faux Fur Fleece – I used a fabric glue to secure the fleece overlap of the stocking, cutting it large enough for an additional 1 inch of fabric to glue inside.
  4. Make Pom Pom – I wrapped a mason jar with yarn, to desired fullness, then eased the yarn off the jar, tie in middle and snip the edges.  This added additional red for my stockings but totally optional.
  5. Add Hanger Loop – I took 12 strands of yarn about a foot long and braided them, tied both top and bottom ends of the braid and then sewed (with regular thread) them to the outside of the stocking, then I attached the pom pom over the knots of the hanger.
  6. Handmade StockingsAdd Initial – This was a tricky step because of the yarn and furriness of the fleece.  In the end, I finished them but would recommend a felt letter as an easier alternative.

Total spend for 4 stockings : less than $10



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