EASY! Gingerbread House Decorating Party

dsc_0389Every year, I host a Gingerbread House decorating party for my girls.  Depending how enthusiastic I’m feeling, dictates the number of kids we invite.  Speaking from experience, it’s much easier with a few kids versus twenty.   Another thing I have learned is to keep it very simple and avoid frustrations.  Even at 10 and 12, my girls do not have the patience to build the gingerbread house, they really just want to decorate it.  So part of my preparation is to have the candy ready on trays and the houses all assembled.











Needed Items:

Candy – I recommend the staples like candy canes and gum drops but also use up any left over Halloween candy.

Powdered Sugar – 3 cups

Eggs Whites – 2 egg whites beaten with hand mixer until desired consistency (the thicker the better)

Graham Crackers – a box per house

Cereal (Optional) – frosted mini-wheats make great roof tops or cracklin’ oat bran

Chargers – these are great to use for the base for each house and I can usually find 8 to 10 charges for $10-$20.  Then kids can take their houses home safely and not worry about returning.












Here’s a quick how to:dsc_0384

-Cover the decorating table with a disposable table cloth – the icing is very sticky and hard to wipe off once dry

-Make icing with 2 egg whites and 3 cups powdered sugar (this will make about 3 houses)

-Unwrap the candy canes and any other candy that is difficult to open.  I like to arrange the candy on trays to keep the mess contained.

-Assemble the houses – any shape you desire, but the larger and more complex the longer this takes.  I like to use dsc_0385graham crackers, glued with the icing or if you are in a hurry – use a hot glue gun.

***Don’t eat the houses if you go the glue gun route, which I usually do because they are so pretty we like to have them to look at versus eat and it’s way easier.




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