Zero Calorie Miracle Rice and Miracle Pasta

This week at my local grocery, I ran across a new product in the refrigerated section -miracle ricedsc_0260 and miracle pasta. The packaging made me a little skeptical, but consider me hooked!  This zero calorie rice takes on the flavor of any seasoning or sauce.  I tried some mild green chilies, diced jalapenos, and chicken stock.  Saute the rice in the sauce mixture, until it is fully absorbed into the rice.




While the texture is a little different, it’s a great way to serve a very light side dish.  I rarely eat white carbs like pasta and rice, especially at night.  This is a great way to be able to enjoy some traditionally high carb sides.


I look forward to trying the Miracle Pasta with pesto, veggies and shrimp.  Alfredo and other cream based sauces would be great, too.



Zero Calorie Miracle Rice
Article Name
Zero Calorie Miracle Rice
Ideas for incorporating Miracle Rice into your day to day meals to reduce calories and boost fiber intake.
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Flawless Chaos

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