Fall Wedding




My husband and I just returned from my cousin’s wedding in Delaware last weekend.  While hurricane Matthew made the day a little rainy, it was still a beautiful fall event.  Most people think of pumpkins, candy corn and Halloween this time of year but I loved her colors.  It was an outdoor setting with a full pavilion for cover from the rain (thank goodness).   The trees were just starting to turn… a very romantic setting for a wedding.




I was honored to help with the flowers.  While the mother of the bride slaved away making a delicious home made wedding cake, I helped with the fun part – decorating it with flowers.












The centerpieces were really beautiful and classic but matched with the fall theme, as well.  Like my wedding last spring, this was a casual wedding and for the most part a “do it yourself” event.  These centerpieces were easy to set up and transport to the location.  Keeping it simple made for less stress and a truly enjoyable event for everyone!




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