Fall is finally here!

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Our weather has finally cooled down and it’s enjoyable to be outside.  To take advantage of this, we fit in some fun fall traditions this past weekend.  On the list was the neighborhood pumpkin patch, searching for Halloween costumes, and adding some fall touches around the house.  We rounded out our fall welcome weekend with roasting a turkey and watching Sunday afternoon football.




I know we are a long way from Thanksgiving, but I love roasting a turkey any time of year.  It’s a delicious dinner for day 1 and then leaves you with many turkey meal options for the week.  This is also one of the most budget friendly meat options, I purchased a 12 lb. turkey for around $18, which could probably feed a family of four for an entire week(not that anyone could handle that many turkey meals), but the meat also freezes well.

For most people, the idea of roasting a turkey is that it’s a LOT of work.  But it is minimal, especially if you do not stuff it or make all the thanksgiving type “fixins”.  I like to keep it simple to reduce effort, cost and most of all calories.


This time I served my turkey with a few roast potatoes and green salad.



Get the full recipe for roasted turkey in the food section.

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