Texas Living part 2

Another great part about living in Texas – Tex Mex breakfast!  Texmex breakfast

Of course you have the traditional breakfast taco or burrito, but I really like to experiment with the core ingredients – beans, eggs, some sort of pepper, salsa or pico de gallo, and cheese.  There’s also the option of tortillas, chorizo, or sausage and bacon.  I like to eat low carb and I am starting to eat fewer meats.  Here’s a nice light Tex Mex breakfast option:

Start with canned refried black beans as the base layer of the dish, then add some roasted or smoked peppers.  Bean and cheese layer

I like smoked mild hatch chilis or roasted poblano. Then add a little mild white cheese, like queso fresca or cotija.  If you are in a pinch without either of those options, feta or goat cheese is fine, but feta will be much saltier…

Then fry your egg to your liking, top with salsa and serve poolside.


texmex breakfast Texmex breakfast texmex breakfast poolside
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