Back to School

Today is my fist blog post for Flawless Chaos, and it’s dedicated to the start of a new school year.  I always like this time of year because it marks a time for fresh starts and recharges us for a more routine schedule.  If you are anything like me/my family, we tend to get a little lax on schedule and chores in the lazy days of summer.

In preparation for today, we took yesterday to get the house ready for back to school.  I made omelettes out of leftovers in the frig that needed to be cleaned out prior to hitting the grocery store for all back to school breakfast and lunch items.

omelette with leftover fillingLeft over veggies turned omelette filling







I love to use up any left over veggies, meat or seafood this way.

After our trip to the store, it was time for a little R&R by the pool.



Then it was time for some grilled lobster tails to celebrate the end of summer! Grilling lobster tails is super easy and delicious – check out the recipes in the food section.

Grilled lobster, coleslaw and dipping butter

grilled lobster tails

Back to School
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Back to School
An article about prepping for back to school. Starting with a refrigerator clean out and finding omlette fixin' a evening celebration.
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Flawless Chaos
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