Beef Chili

Beef Chili

Using a whole cut of meat instead of ground beef, like sirloin steak, roast, or tenderloin is really a game changer for chili.   The texture is smoother and it’s a healthier alternative to ground beef with added fat.

Here I have used two giant round steaks, fat removed cut into bit size pieces.


2 lbs. beef (roast, sirloin, or tenderloin)Beef Chili made with whole cuts of beef versus ground beef

2 onions

8 garlic cloves

olive oil

Cumin/Cayenne/Chili spice

yellow and red sweet peppers

beef stock – 3 cups

1 bottle decent flavored beer

1 28 oz can Crushed Tomatoes

1 14oz  can tomato sauce

Kidney beans (2 cans or soak from scratch)

salt and pepper to taste

Begin by chopping the onions, garlic yellow and red peppers in a food processor then saute in a large stock pot with olive oil and seasonings – start slow with cayenne and gradually increase the heat to your liking.  Once cooked through, remove from pan and add the beef with more olive oil and cumin/cayenne/chili powder/salt/pepper, browning the meat but do not cook all the way.  Add the pepper and onions back to the pot, previously cooked or canned beans, liquids and let simmer.

Tip:  Sometimes chili can get a little too acidic for me, I add a couple tablespoons of cream or cream cheese to diffuse the acidity.

Serve with tortilla chips, sour cream (or Greek plain yogurt), and shredded cheese.

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