Vienna Sept 2014

My job took me to Vienna Austria in 2014 for a month and several weeks in 2015 – it was amazing.  The landscape, architecture, culture, food and overall atmosphere was an experience of a lifetime.


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I stayed at a corporate apartment in Moedling, a little bit south of Vienna – really cool and surprisingly lively village.  I did a lot of hiking around the area, where there were castle ruins and an actual castle.  The picture in the center is a natural built play ground – so pretty.


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The architecture in the city is amazing, especially Saint Stephens church – my favorite view!  On my weekends, I would head into Vienna.  The first stop was Naschmarkt, a cool outdoor market with a lot of vendors and restaurants.


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Created with Nokia Smart Cam
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Schoenbrunn Palace


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I was even able to attend an Oktoberfest beer festival wearing a dirndl.


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