Chalk Paint: a “how to guide” with tips, tricks, before and afters


Adventures in Chalk Paint – After so many years of wear and tear on the bathroom cabinets, it was time to do something.  I had experimented with the girl’s bathroom cabinets and it wasn’t great.  Regular paint is hard to get smooth, especially if you’re using a brush. I decided to give chalk paint a try, which I had heard was a great alternative for cabinets and furniture.  The main benefit of this method is that you do not have to sand the surface prior to painting.

Steps to follow:

1.)  Decide on color of chalk paint and style (two tone vintage looks are an option, all  my pictures are one color with no antiquing)

2.)  Also, consider if you will paint the inside of your drawers or use contact paper.  Contact paper has come a long way, some brands are very durable and really stay in place.  I bought this at Home Depot for around $6/per roll.

3.)  Chalk paint is very forgiving, meaning it doesn’t leave a lot of brush strokes but you do need to watch out for drips – so take your time and apply thinner coats that will not drip.  If you do get any drips, they can be easily sanded off and repainted.

4.)  I applied two coats chalk paint and two coats of the wax for extra protection from chipping.  Be careful with the cabinets prior to getting the wax on, because they will chip fairly easy.


A few additional items…

This battery-powered magnifying mirror was a great addition to the bathroom – we purchased this at Aldi (yes the grocery store) for $19.99.
Markus installed another outlet below the sink so we wouldn’t have to plug in our toothbrush on the counter…I don’t like how it looks and it’s harder to clean.















After several years, all of the cabinets and furniture that I’ve painted with chalk paint has held up very well and has very few chips.  Here are a few other examples where I’ve used chalk paint.

These shelves had originally been a light wood finish but I painted them gray for the office to avoid having too many different colors of wood.
Here I have painted the laundry room cabinet with red chalk paint. The shelving had been the cheap white plasterboard shelves, now painted with the charcoal gray chalk paint.
Chalk Paint how to with tips and tricks
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Chalk Paint how to with tips and tricks
This is a turotial on painting cabinets, shelving and drawers with chalk paint. Includes a full description of directions and things to avoid.
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